Bat Conservation Ireland’s Online Training Platform

Training courses to learn more about our Irish bats, their habitats, how to identify them and the basics of carrying out a bat survey

Courses (more to follow)

Both free and paid content

You can access resources on this site by setting up an account and logging in. There is both free and paid content available.12

People surveying bats in Ireland

Covers a range of topics

Free content includes the following 2 modules:

  • An Introduction to Irish Bats and their Ecology
  • Bat Sounds and Using your Ears

Other courses include training videos on how to survey buildings, trees and bridges for bats. You can watch content at your own pace and return as often as you like to revise it, where you will have access to content for 1 year. Once you have fully finished a course you will be issued with a certificate of completion.

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